Yearly Archive: 2017

Big verandah at Lovely Banks

December 20, 2017December had the installation crew heading down to the coast again, with a the construction of a verandah in Lovely Banks, a nice little town approximately 12 kilometres from Geelong. With Christmas fast approaching, the team at Designer Pergolas and Carports wanted to get the Lovely Banks verandah underway and constructed as quickly as possible....
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Stylish verandah at Werribee provides sun protection

November 29, 2017It’s starting to warm up in November as we move closer and closer to summer, and with the weather affecting the time we can spend in our entertainment areas it’s time to start thinking about how you can provide protection which enables you to continue use of your outdoor entertainment areas. Our latest project, a...
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Verandah at St Albans Park is cool option

October 31, 2017The team at Designer Pergolas and Carports has been hard at work trying to get as much work done as possible before the coming December holidays and October has seen the construction of a new verandah in St Albans Park, just 15 minutes from Geelong. This verandah is approximately 49.8m² and is part of the...
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