Verandah at Burnside Heights comes together

March 27, 2018

We are a quarter of the way through the year already and March does not seem to be slowing down for us at all, with the construction of a verandah in Burnside Heights coming together nicely.

The verandah in Burnside Heights is approximately 28.8m², constructed from the Stratco Outback range and built right to the fence line to allow for that extra protection from the weather. The verandah was designed by our design team as a gable with six runs of skylights on each side of the gable to allow for extra light to filter through into the area.

The verandah at Burnside Heights also has a twin wall infill at one end. The twin wall infill is one of a large range of infill options that not only looks stunning but also allows for light to filter through into the area while still stopping the rain from penetrating as the material is not permeable. At the other end of the gable we have painted blue board infill to suit the colors chosen for the rest of the project.

The colors chosen for the project really contrast each other, with the bold color of the beams and columns making the lighter color of the sheet material really stand out therefore making the whole job look neat and tidy.

With a range of colors and options to choose from, Designer Pergolas and Carports really is a one-stop-shop when it comes to verandahs and other building projects. Our vast experience spanning many years ensures we can design something to suit any area.

Designer Pergolas and Carports also has an in house plans and permits department which allows us to take care of all plans and permits so you don’t have to, and we manage the project from start to completion.