Verandah in Truganina offers winter protection

April 24, 2018

April has seen the weather starting to get cooler as we slowly but surely head towards winter. April has also seen the construction of a verandah in Truganina and this one was impressive.

The verandah in Truganina is a Stratco Curved Clear Span and is approximately 11m² in size. What makes the verandah in Truganina so aesthetically pleasing is the fact that it is a curved roof with contrasting colors, and two runs of skylights to allow for extra light to filter through, which is going to be appreciated in the coming dark winter months.

The verandah shows off the workmanship that goes into each job, from the design stage to the installation stage to the eventual finished product, with the use of quality materials in every project. Two different types of infills are used in this job with the rear infill being solid blue board painted with the client’s color choice and the front infill being made up of lattice, this allows for some light to filter through but also allows the weather through as it is not fully enclosed.

With winter around the corner we are expecting cold and wet weather and with the new verandah in Truganina now offering protection at the rear entry to the property, our client can now utilize this area for whatever purpose suits their needs without worrying that they are going to get wet. As well, the verandah will offer protection from the hot sun in the summer months due at the end of the year.