Color selection for your new patio.

October 18, 2018

Color selection can be one of the most important decisions a client can make when it comes to their new patio area and many factors can play a vital role in the ultimate decision, we would like to discuss a few different factors that should definitely be taken into consideration when you decide which color to choose.

Existing Colors.

When deciding on what color scheme that you wish to proceed with the client must take into consideration the colors of the built environment around them, this will include the colors of the existing house façade such as the existing gutters, the existing fascia, the existing brickwork and a decision must be made whether the client wants to create a contrast with the existing colors or they want the colors to blend in with the existing built form. The use of contrasting colors with the existing colors can show that the client wants people to know that the area is an extension of the house, that it is an outdoor area to be enjoyed in all types of weather whereas if the colors blend in the client may be wanting to make people feel as if they are just in another room of the house, whatever the reason color selection can definitely aid in setting the mood of the area.

Heat Exchange.

Colors can also aid in making an area warmer or cooler when necessary. The client must also think about the area being covered, does it receive very little sun and needs to store heat? or does it receive a lot of sun and need to be cooled? If the area sees very little sun and is in need of heat then the client would want to think about using darker colors, when the sun hits the darker surface, the surface will tend to store heat and this will help to create a warmer area. If the area sees a lot of sun especially in the hot summer months the client may prefer to use lighter colors, when the hot sun beats down onto the lighter colors they tend to not store as much heat so therefore the area would stay a little cooler, this added with the shade provided by the unit itself would make the area quite enjoyable during summer.

There are many reason for a client to choose the colors that they choose and at Designer Pergolas and Carports our qualified staff are always happy to help by offering advice as to why certain colors could be selected and when we have a discussion with the client as to their needs and wants for their new patio and its intended use we can offer advice as to what color may suit them best. The last issue that can become a problem with color selection is design approval as with some estates the developer must approve the colors, therefore possibly stopping the client from having exactly what they want. The final decision in a lot of cases comes down to aesthetics, at the end of the day we want to provide the customer with a patio that they will be proud of with colors they will enjoy.

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