Werribee sunroof ready for summer entertainment.

November 20, 2018

November has seen the weather getting warmer quickly and we can safely assume that summer is on its way and its going to be a scorcher! One of the most memorable units we installed in November was a large Stratco sunroof out in Werribee.

The client is the owner of a unit with a small to medium sized back yard which has had extensive landscaping which makes the area quite a comfortable area to relax and absolutely perfect for entertaining, the only thing missing was a stylish verandah that would protect the client and their guests from the harsh Melbourne weather.

The verandah that the client chose for his entertainment area is the Stratco sunroof, which although is one of our more expensive options really was the perfect option for the area. The two colors chosen for the Werribee verandah was thunder for the columns and the external beams with the contrasting color of sylvanite for the internal beams and blades of the sunroof. The thunder matches with the existing color of the fence as well as the painted retaining wall, while the sylvanite contrasts against the thunder it also blends in nicely with the color of the rendered façade of the existing building.

The Stratco sunroof was the perfect option for the verandah in Werribee for many reasons, one such reason was that the area was not large so being able to open up the sunroof will allow the area to feel like isn’t so closed off, the client has the option of opening it up of an evening to allow the cool summer breeze through there during those up coming hot summer nights, or to close it off to shade the area during the hottest part of the day. The traditional summer BBQ will never be the same again for our client as he can now set the mood of the area by adjusting the roof.

Another great feature of this particular Stratco sunroof in Werribee is that by maneuvering the blades of the sunroof the client can still have them open to allow in the light but still create shadows and shade which would allow extra light into the area while entertaining but still protecting themselves and their guests from that damaging Australian Summer sun. The new verandah in Werribee also gives the option of being fully closed, this means that not only is our client protected from the harsh sun but he can also utilize the area when it is raining by closing the roof which means that his entertainment area can now be used all year round.

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