Exquisite Outback Verandah in Highton.

December 20, 2018

One of our recent jobs was a large Outback Verandah located in the sunny coastal town of Highton. Our Client had a large decking area that was quite high off the ground that provided an excellent area for our client to enjoy the private open space of their yard. With an existing modern balustrade made with frosted glass the decking area was quite spacious but was lacking one thing, protection from the elements.

The verandah needed to be modern looking to match with the existing balustrade, it needed to match with the existing colors of the existing home, it needed to provide shade for the clients both while using the decking area as well as provide shade for the rooms adjoining the decking, and it needed to provide protection from rain as being in such an open area there was no protection offered to the deck area at all.

Now that we had some idea of what the client required we could provide everything the clients needed to make their deck perfect. The option that best suited the deck area was the Stratco Outback verandah in the flat roof style. The Highton verandah was constructed with the outback material and upgraded columns to create that modern look that matched in with the built from of the area, the outback roof sheets are quite attractive and a light color chosen so as to reflect the sun during the hot summer days, this helps to keep the area much cooler as the light color tends to store less heat which is what you want from a verandah that is to provide shade to the deck area and adjoining rooms. The lighter color for the roof sheets also matched the lighter color of the existing brickwork. With all the lighter colors all matching we needed a little contrast to make the verandah pop, so the beams, columns, gutters and downpipes were all a darker color, not only did this outline the lighter color and make the verandah stand out and look elegant it also matched in with the framework of the existing balustrade and existing doors and windows.

The Highton verandah not only protected the area from the harsh summer sun but it also protected the area during the cold of winter and made the area usable while it was raining outside. The deck was now the perfect area to relax with a hot chocolate to watch a thunderstorm out over the coast while still being protected, or to sit in the shade and enjoy the summer breeze on those relentless summer days that are only just around the corner. With the simple addition of an Outback verandah we have transformed an area that could previously only be used during perfect weather into an area that can be utilized all year round regardless of what the weather brings.

The verandah in Highton really ended up quite impressive, it has accentuated the area perfectly and made quite a large area so much more usable. Do you have an area that is in dire need of transformation? give us a call on 1300 665 590 or drop into our extensive showroom at 1/103 Elgar Road in Derrimut and see what we can do for you, and remember at Designer Pergolas and Carports “we’ve got you covered”.