Yearly Archive: 2019

Cooldeck option for smart verandah in Lara.

April 30, 2019The cold of winter seems to be setting in a little early this year with chilly nights and cool days and only the odd few warm days we would usually expect to be seeing during Autumn, with one of these sunny Autumn days seeing the installation of very smart looking verandah out in the country...
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How to look after your new patio roof.

February 20, 2019Your new patio roof will go through a lot, from battling strong winds and heavy rain in winter to bearing the brunt of the hot summer sun and there are a few simple tasks that can ensure your roof stay in great condition and to prevent serious damage from occurring. Below are some things to...
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What you need to know about building permits.

January 25, 2019One of the questions we get asked by the majority of our clients is do I need to apply for a building permit? In the vast majority of cases the answer is yes. I guess we should start with the first and foremost what is a building permit? A building permit ensures that standards are...
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