How to look after your new patio roof

Your new patio roof will go through a lot, from battling strong winds and heavy rain in winter to bearing the brunt of the hot summer sun and there are a few simple tasks that can ensure your roof stay in great condition and to prevent serious damage from occurring.

Below are some things to keep an eye on:

The gutters

If your roof gutters are clogged, chances are there is a mess every time it rains. Apart from this, blocked drains can also lead to serious damage. The gutters’ job is to channel the water from the roof along to the downpipes and out through your legal point of discharge, therefore if your gutters are blocked they will not be able to perform their job with efficiency, this could also cause excess rain water to overflow into areas that we do not want the water to be going causing damage to other areas of our homes. Regular cleaning of the gutters will help to keep the debris to a minimum but it also pays to inspect the gutter for leaks. Inspecting the gutters for leaks is best done on a day when it is not raining by running water through the gutter and looking for drips or leaks where they should not be.

The pipes

Most pipes and roof penetrations are designed to stand the test of time, but this doesn’t mean that they haven’t been damaged by extreme weather conditions or wildlife, this means that regular checks must be made to ensure the seal is intact and the pipes are in a good condition, rather than wait until the seal or pipes are so damaged and you are caught out with a complete malfunction try to make a time when you can check everything and get on top of the little problems before the become big problems.

The roof sheets

Heavy winds can cause roof sheets to lift, although we take all the precautions to ensure that the roof sheets are screwed down tightly, there is also instances where extreme wind can lift at the roof sheets, during your checks you must always ensure that roof sheets are held down tight because like before a simple easy to fix problem now can quickly become a large and expensive problem to fix later.

If you want your roof to last then you must always remember that it is not a good idea to wait until the indicators of your roof being in disrepair appear and you will be in a much better situation if you are proactive rather than reactive, when it comes to maintenance.

A note of caution

Climbing on the roof can be a hazard and it is best to contact professionals if you feel you do not have the right equipment or skills for the task. Please be aware that it is not a good idea to get on the roof when it is wet and windy and a fall can result in serious injury or death. You must always use a good ladder to climb and if you find your ladder to be damaged then do not attempt to climb onto the roof, it is probably also a good idea to have someone present so as to help you in case of emergency.

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