Cooldeck option for smart verandah in Lara.

April 30, 2019

The cold of winter seems to be setting in a little early this year with chilly nights and cool days and only the odd few warm days we would usually expect to be seeing during Autumn, with one of these sunny Autumn days seeing the installation of very smart looking verandah out in the country town of Lara.

Our client out in Lara had a truly stunning back yard area. A small alfresco area that lead out to clean straight concrete, well manicured lawns and neatly trimmed garden beds, there was only one thing that this perfect entertainment area needed and that was a stylish and smart verandah. The verandah was constructed from the Stratco Cooldeck range which really was the best option or the entertainment area. The cooldeck option was chosen by the design team for the clients as it provided everything that they sought for the area. the design brief included,

Protection from the elements.
the area was now able to be used all year round with protection from the westerly afternoon sun as well as offering protection from the rain, the clients could now utilise tools such as their BBQ to cook meals for their family and friends in impressive comfort.

The added extra element of protection is that with the verandah covered the windows to the lounge that previously had the afternoon sun beating in and making the room quite hot, the shade provided by the cooldeck verandah helped to reduce the temperature of the lounge area and also being an insulated panel also added to the temperature drop of the whole area itself.

Elegance in Design.
One of the features of the Stratco cooldeck roofing is that the underside of the roof sheet can come in a matt or gloss finish, this helps as it allows us to be able to match the existing ceiling with that of the cooldeck roofing and in turn makes it feel like the new verandah has always been a part of the house. The verandah in Lara really does look like it has always been there as you can see in the photos it is like the area was made for the stratco cooldeck to be installed there.

Colour selection.
Our client really wanted the colours to match the existing house but still wanted the verandah to stand out. The colours chosen for the verandah in Lara were thunder for the columns beams and gutter while the underside of the cooldeck roof sheets are white. The thunder matches the dark colour of the existing gutters, fascia and roof tiles while the white contrasts against it but then the white also matches with the existing ceiling in the alfresco. The verandah in Lara overall looks elegant and feels as though the home is now complete.

The verandah in Lara really ended up quite impressive, it has accentuated the area perfectly and made the magnificent little area perfect. Do you have an area that is in dire need of transformation? give us a call on 1300 665 590 or drop into our extensive showroom at 1/103 Elgar Road in Derrimut and see what we can do for you, and remember at Designer Pergolas and Carports “we’ve got you covered”.