Decking Products

Merbau timber decking to grey gum: we sell beautiful decks for Geelong, Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing and Werribee

Whether it’s the beautiful Merbau decking, rich jarrah, grey gum or the earthy appeal of yellow stringy bark, we have a wide range of pine decking shades to suit every house.

In the way of treated pine decking, here’s a brief overview of what we can offer:

Please note additional types of deck boards are avaialbale depending on seasonal and importing demands, please contact us directly for more infomation.

Merbau decking

With a course to even texture, the colour range of this merbau deck option spans yellow, brow, orange to dark red.

Spotted gum decking

This lovely colour has a moderately course texture, variable grains and colours which range in pale to dark brown to chocolate

Massaranduba (Atlantic jarrah)

A reddish brown colour with purple shades, this has a fine texture and quite a straight grain.

Ironbark decking

A quintessentially Australian wood originating from North Queensland, this colour is a dark red with a medium texture

Blackbutt decking


Cream to pale brown in colour, this decking option has a straight grain and a medium to even texture

Karri decking

This is a rich, reddish brown to pale pink colour. With an interlocked grain, the texture of this is a coarse to even texture.


A yellowish grain with an interlocked style, this wood has a medium texture.


Moderately coarse, mahogany has orange to pale brown shades in it.

Grey gum

This is a pale brown yellowish colour, with pink tinges. Moderately course to even, gum veins common.


Dark pink to red brown in colour, this straight grain is moderately course to even in texture.

Yellow Stringy Bark

Yellowish brown colour with a pink tinge. Medium-Even texture with an interlocked grain throughout.

Silver Top Ash




Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions about our decks, we would love to assist! In addition to our decks, we also sell a great range of outdoor blind options for Melbourne, Geelong, Werribee and Hoppers Crossing.