Cafe Blinds

PVC outdoor blinds for Geelong, Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee

Our cafe blinds, also known as bistro blinds, are ideal for creating a cosy environment while maintaining an open feel. Known for their use in cafes and restaurants, café blinds are versatile and simply look great. Imagine having an uninterrupted view of your backyard complete with sunlight streaming in but with the protection of café blinds.

Perfect to use as patio blinds, these outdoor PVC blinds can be completely rolled down to create a cosy al fresco area free from pesky mosquitoes, something we know to be especially handy at night time.

Warm in winter and offering shade protection in summer, outdoor café blinds may be just what you need if you love entertaining in the fresh air. Have them half up and control how much fresh air you get or have them completely rolled up!

Whatever way you use them, our café blinds would be a welcome and highly functional addition to any home or commercial venture. There is the option of tinted PVC blinds, as well as clear.

In addition to these blinds, we also sell sunscreen blinds and no nail Melbourne decks.