Stratco Pergolas and Carports

Beautiful pergola and carport products for Geelong, Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee

When it comes to pergolas and verandahs, Designer Pergolas and Carports offers a wide range of products.

Proud to be an award winning Stratco supplier, we stock Stratco carports, Stratco Pergolas and steel carports. Able to weather all conditions, a Stratco verandah or carport is the perfect solution for adding cover to any outdoor area.

Our products have been designed, engineered and certified to comply with all relevant Australian standards and will meet your local council's requirements.

As we take care to make your new verandah or carport something you will love for years, we offer these extras as well:

  • The option to make screen rooms, or enclose with windows and sliding doors.
  • We can also put screens up for privacy or wind protection along the fence lines. They can be constructed from the decking timber we use.
  • As well as UV stabilised plastic lattice, we can also use shade cloths
  • Best of all, we can help turn your new outdoor area into something very special with our options of installing fans, spot and down lights, power points. We also supply and install electrical work whilst constructing the verandahs so all the wiring is concealed inside the beams

We offer a free design and estimating service, even after hours.

We sell also sell Melbourne decks, decking products, as well as sheds for Geelong, Werribee and Hoppers Crossing.

Outback Sunroof

One of the best Stratco Outback designs around, the Outback sunroof style is an opening roof verandah, available in flat and gable structures and the perfect way to control the weather in your backyard. Its electronically controlled louvres can be opened and closed to your desired position, which is perfect for allowing the breeze in on...
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Outback Curved

With smooth clean lines, the allure of the Outback Curved roof style verandah is appealing for both its aesthetic appeal and contemporary look. We can provide the Outback Curve Verandah structure in both multispan and clear span options. The curved protective style will add value a sense of style and sophistication to your home while...
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Flat Roof

If the smooth, uncluttered design of an outdoor area is something that you seek for your backyard, then look no further than our Stratco flat roof design. Configured to cover any area around the home, this design is ideal as a single unit or incorporated with a gable roof, curved roof or pergola system. With...
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Clearspan Gable

The Stratco Clearspan Gable is an exclusive design in the Stratco Outback range and one which makes great use of space. Made of very strong material that does not need extra purlins to support it, this pergola leaves the roof area clean and uncluttered with a ceiling like appearance from beneath. An exclusive design in...
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Multispan Gable

The Multispan Gable design would be a perfect pergola choice to work in with flat roofed units. This is a highly versatile design which allows for multiple roofing profiles, including polycarbornate Lasetlite 2000 and Colorbond steel. Practical and stylish, the Multispan Gable features both feature fluted internal purlins and chamfered portal frames. The Outback Multispan...
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Traditional Gable

For those who love a classic verandah or patio style and are looking to give their outdoor entertainment area a makeover, the traditional gable is for you! Available in both free standing and attached options, this product is versatile. With a classic pitched roof and impressive widths of up to 8.4 metres, what’s great about...
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Dutch Gable

The Stratco Dutch gable design is a well loved verandah design that would be a perfect accompaniment to any house. Its classic look will not date and the appeal of our Dutch Gable veranda is sure to complement any home, especially homes in a more traditional style. The Dutch gable design embodies classic pergola style...
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Cooldek Roofing

A highly functional option for your verandah or patio, Cooldek is a fantastic material with so many benefits to it. For instance, Cooldek is a 3 in 1 material! That means you get a roof, insulation and ceiling like finish all in one product. Talk about versatile! The insulation properties of Cooldek consist of a...
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Designer Pergolas and Carports offers the wonderful range of Stratco Outback Pergolas. With spans of up to eight metres, the pergola is available freestanding or attached. The beams can be left open or fitted with shade cloth for full sun protection. We also offer the Pergola Shade Blade, natural filtered light can be created with this innovative system....
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Gazebo & Hip End

A welcome addition to the Stratco pergola range, here are two attractive styles in this range of gazebos. Also welcome is the fact that there is no constant painting or maintenance required for this strong material. Both these designs feature big open beams with uncluttered appearance and are avaialble in clearspan and mulitspan options. Outback...
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