In the midst of Australia's variable weather, our client needed a reliable solution to shield their car. Designer Pergolas & Carports, known for their craftsmanship and innovative designs, promptly installed the Protec unit.

The practical L-shaped carport not only adds value to the property but also provides shelter and a covered pathway during wet months. It effectively shields the client's car from the sun, rain, and occasional hailstorm. Crafted for durability, this carport offers peace of mind to car owners, and its cost-effective advantage makes it a practical choice for those seeking affordability.

Enhance your property's appeal and ensure your vehicle's security with Designer Pergolas & Carports' flat roof verandahs and patios. Our functional carports embody contemporary solutions. Prioritise your vehicle's welfare and embrace innovative design with a touch of Australian charm. Contact Designer Pergolas & Carports today for your carport needs.



Date Completed

July 2023

Service type

Flat roof carport